Nier Castielroy

Droef is proud to preview the new short film by the extremely talented Indonesian filmmaker Nier Castielroy. Made in, after all, the most impossible of circumstances and hopefully not too prophetic…

SANCTUARY (Serenity cut)

A visual story interpretation taken from the reality of Global Pandemic that affects in the Capital City. Helena & Sherry are trapped in their apartment since the #StayAtHome / #DiRumahAja suggestion from the government. Day after day, the conditions on the outside got worse, # COVID19 had mutated even more viciously, both of them became less interested in to read the news because it was not ‘healthy’ for them. So because of that, they struggle to fill and kill time with whatever entertainment they had indoors. However, their emotional and material challenges tested every day, until in the end they have to face their final challenges because the outside world is getting more and more cruel to life..