DJ Kruisbestuiving

DJ Kruisbestuiving, foto: Philip Volckaert

Didier Vanoverbeke, ofte DJ Kruisbestuiving. Naast zijn bijzondere muzieksmaak heeft de West-Vlaamse Gentenaar nog een – voor een dj – opvallende eigenschap: Didier is namelijk blind.

Hopelessly behind the times and staunchly anti-genre, I brings you groovy rock and dubious pop from all corners of the world, with the odd dash of hiphop and electronica to cleanse that which needs cleansing. Based out o fGhent, Belgium, I hoep to bring a brand new zest to your nightlife, throwing in a bit of challenge with your pleasure.

A scrawny DJ with a flair for the eclectic. No popular music culture is safe, and your ears least of all. Check here for updates and musical tidbits.

I cross-pollinate the speakers and the masses with everything groovy from anywhere in the world.


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